Sand Harbor Box Office

The Design Build Studio’s mission includes assisting the state’s residents in connecting to the natural resources, wildlife, and ecosystems.  In January 2015, the Design Build Studio began work on a project for the Nevada State Parks Division, a box office for the Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival.  The Festival is an annual event at Sand Harbor State Park, Lake Tahoe, Nevada.  The project, while small, is in a highly public environment, and serves as an opportunity to showcase the Studio’s capability to work in diverse environmental conditions. Design projects are often determined by form-finding and materials selection, as well as a search for honesty. Honesty, in architectural terms, refers to a careful reading of a place’s history and building culture, and developing a solution that respects the unique qualities that define a particular location. Responding to the legacy of the vernacular built environment in the Lake Tahoe area required careful observation and climatic research before design work began. As a result, the design of the box office speaks about the three archetypal elements of Lake Tahoe Alpine architecture: the pitched roof, board and batten siding, and stone veneer base. This design integrates these components, while simultaneously responding to program and site requirements.

Representatives of the State Parks Division have expressed an interest in developing a long-term relationship, with the Design-Build Studio developing projects across the state.  Future projects are anticipated to include guest cabins, ramadas, viewing platforms, and other projects that enrich visitor experiences at the parks.  This relationship is an ideal partnership, leveraging UNLV’s prefabrication skills and social/environmental focus while meeting the Parks Division’s needs.

Copyright Kevin Kemner

Copyright Kevin Kemner

Copyright Kevin Kemner

Copyright Kevin Kemner

Photos courtesy of Kevin Kemner. All rights reserved.

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